Removing of advertising from Email for Pegasus Mail

Are you also sick of advertisments that are included inside a legal Emails? I am archiving my Emails and I have wished to find a way how to clean them up from such a shit.

Such unwanted advertissment could look like this:
Do you Yahoo!?
Yahoo! Mail Address AutoComplete - You start. We finish.


I have got an idea to create special program that would perform automatical cleaning of Emails.

You could download it just here: KillAdv.exe
Source code
Version 0.6   New: ability to undo transaction.
Version 0.7   Removing a new kind of unwanted Seznam's mailbox advertissment.
Version 0.10   Removing advertissment from HTML formatted page.
Version 0.14   Removing unwanted stuff from NOD32.
Version 0.15   New shitty advertissment from Yahoo.
Version 0.17   New shitty stuff AVG removal.
Version 0.18   New shits from "Yahoo! Security Center" removal.
Version 0.19   Added option -delay.
Version 0.20   Removing more shits from AVG.
Version 0.28   Removing more shits from Yahoo and AVG.
Version 0.31   Removing more shits AVG and NOD.
Version 0.33   Removing shits from
Version 0.34   Removing shits from NOD32.



-help this help

-path path to scan
A path must point to a PMail directory that contains your Emails.

-interval scanning interval in ms (be reasonable here >60000 is recomended)
How often would you like to check your files? I recommend several minules. (the value is given in miliseconds)

-ask 0 or 1 ask user before Email cleanup
Would you like to erase inserted advertissment automatically or do you prefer a dialog box before every cleanup? (no undo is possible in a current release) Implicit valie is 1.

You could for example create a following shortcut on your desktop: Shortcut for KillAdv

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