Grafics image Tool for LowLevel Image processing

Pictures is toolset for low level image processing. A good image viewer is a part of this tool. Many graphics formats are supported. PICTURES is written in languages PASCAL and C++. It supports various functions for example:

If you want to know more, please run demo.exe that is included inside the package.

Current available version is 2.67. See PICTURES.TXT for more informations about this library. Obsolette PAS code of the PICTURES for DOS, DOS (DPMI 16) and Windows C++ code of the PICTURES for DPMI16, Windows32, Windows64. Most of Unix platforms including SUN Solaris are also supported.

Look for older and obsolette versions herre.

version 2.62:   Checked many variants of BMP files, see BMP suite.

version 2.63:   Fixed TIFF reader and writer. Several bugfixes related to BMP.

version 2.64:   Provided writers for PPM, PBM and PGM format.

version 2.65:   TIFF now supports multiple scenes and ARGB32.

version 2.66:   Extracts and process orientation info from EXIF PNG and JPG.

version 2.67:   Added support for AAI and AVS file formats, bugfix in RGB_BGR.

Warning: Use it at your own risk. I claim no responsibility for anything that happens if you use this software!

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