Direct show camera viewer
USB, PCIe, FireWire


CAM View older and obsolette releases

CamView release 1.26 WinInstaller Same as 2.0, but built on old MSVC2003 runtime as whole 1.x serie.

CamView release 2.0 This build contains fully 64bit CamView. It has a same API as 32bit version. 32bit and 64bit versions could be installed simultaneously. There are bugfixes in histogram calcullation for some obscure videoformats.
Version 2.0.2 WinInstallerx86 and WinInstaller64 Critical crash in x64, bugfix.
Version 2.0.3 WinInstallerx86 and WinInstaller64 Bugfix, do not use 2.0.2 CamView could be also found on SourceForge.

Windows executable is located in kamerka\bin\win32\ in source packages.

Supported cameras

The software has been tested with these cameras, but it should also work with others. It also works with non USB builtin cameras on notebook.


Virtual test software camera

You can install pure virtual camera device to your Windows. Virtual camera AVSHWS has been published on MSDN. This binary is digitally signed. For Win7,Win8 and WIN10 For WIN10_32; Win7_32, Win8_32 builds are not signed. AVSWHWS driver manual and installation instructions.
Another userspace test purpose virtual camera compilled from Microsoft DirectShow SDK. This camera supports formats RGB32, RGB24, RGB8, RGB565, RGB555.


Main widget library - wxwidgets
I am using this version of wxWidgets to compile CamView.

Library for processing images

JPG library



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