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What is WP2LaTeX?

WP2LaTeX is a program designed to translate WordPerfect documents into LaTeX 2.09 and LaTeX 2.0e. The current version is able to cope with Mac WP 1.x, Mac WP2,3,4.x, and with PC WP 4.x, 5.x and 6.x documents. (WP 7.x & 8.x have the same binary file format as WP6.)

WP2LaTeX is NOT a text processor and converted documents will require a LaTeX document processor.

Why is WP2LaTex useful?

You might have a WP document (maybe someone sent it to you) and you cannot read it because you don't have WP. Let WP2LaTex convert it to LaTeX for you. You will not need Word Perfect.

You might want to create a document for publication. You want to use the power of LaTeX, but you don't want to learn all the LaTeX syntax. Use your WP to write the document, convert it with WP2LaTeX, and then typeset it with LaTeX.

You have a corrupted WP file with perhaps only a single byte wrong and no longer readable by WP itself. Use -safemode in WP2LaTeX and recover what can be saved. Don't expect too much from this feature, but if you really don't know what else to do with a corrupted WP file, try WP2LaTeX.

Conversion possibilities

Click here to see a list of converted features

Example of conversion results
The document with complex formulas: equation.wp   equation.tex   equation.ps
The document with some images: images.wp   images.tex   images.pdf   Older WP2LaTeX images.ps
The document with Cyrillic typesetting formated to UTF8: russian.wpd   russian.tex   russian.pdf  
The document with Hebrew typesetting: GAIUS-5H.wp5   GAIUS-5H.tex   GAIUS-5H.pdf  
More complex document with images and czech accents (my diplomma work): vrtulnik.wp   vrtulnik.tex   vrtulnik.pdf

If you want more WordPerfect example files, look here for them:

Downloading WP2LaTeX

WP2LaTeX can be downloaded from any ftp site, which mirrors CTAN archive. For example:
For tracking changes in sources you could visit HG repository: https://hg.osdn.net/view/wp2latex/wp2latex WARNING: the https key on OSDN gets expired, use parameter hg --insecure. Alternative repository on Source forge: http://hg.code.sf.net/p/wp2latex/wp2latex

You can also clone the project with Hg by running:

$ hg clone https://hg.osdn.net/view/wp2latex/wp2latex
$ hg clone http://hg.code.sf.net/p/wp2latex/wp2latex wp2latex-wp2latex

WP2LaTeX can also be downloaded from this WWW site through your web browser. It is listed on SourceForge - click here.

The package contains executables for these platforms: DOS (Real), DOS (DPMI 16-DJGPP), Linux and Windows (95,98,Me,NT4,2000,XP,Vista,Win7,Win8,Win10). The full source code is also included in the package. The current version is 4.4.

Older and obsolete releases are now available from this page:

Note: MINGW32 or MINGW64 is supported from version 4.3. Previous versions are not prepared for MINGW.

JPG, PNG and zlib libraries - get it if you do not have any. They are optionally used by WP2LaTeX>=3.07

gettext library for WP2LaTeX. Use it for MSVC and BCC compilers.

BTW: Do you know that wp2latex now also accepts unicode texts at input? And can generate UTF8 output?

How you can contribute to the further development of WP2LaTeX

Not all WordPerfect features are fully converted and I cannot do everything. So you can solve to participate on further developing wp2latex. Knowledge of C++ or TeX programming is not required, but it would be better to know C++ or TeX. The first task can be done by anyone without specialized knowledge. You can make WP2LaTeX a better program if you can help with these these tasks:

Doing these things will be very helpful for further releases:

  1. Test WP2LaTeX against all your WP documents and note failures.
  2. I don't know the translation for some special WP characters. Currently the program converts 2000 special characters but 500 remain unconverted.
  3. Translate WP2LaTeX messages into your native language.
  4. Read the file BUGS.TXT and find out how to solve problems described in this file
  5. Hack hitherto unconverted WP features.
  6. Create autoconf for makefiles.
  7. Create an automatic installer for WP2LaTeX
  8. Please help me to decrypt WP6 files
  9. The OS/2 support was totally broken after I upgraded my hardware. Is anyone is able to compile OS/2 target? If so, please let me know. OS/2 is death since 2014!

Documentation about WP2LaTeX

The documentation for WP2LaTeX is in the binary archive in the LaTeX format.

See full WP2LaTeX documentation here. This file was obtained by LaTeX -> HTML conversion.

WP2LaTeX Windows GUI.

Reporting bugs

Of course WP2LaTeX is not bug-free, but I try to minimize their number. Note: Before reporting anything
  1. Consult the file doc\bug.txt.
  2. Test the latest version from: http://ftsoft.com.cz/wp2latex/wp2latex.htm#downloading
I divide bugs into two categories:

(a) Bugs causing a loss of data or a program crash. If you find one of these, please send me a full description so that I can reproduce the bug, and also the smallest WP file which causes the problem. It means that you should try remove abundant text from your document and find minimal document that still casuses problem.

(b) Bugs causing TeX/LaTeX errors. If you have an example, please send me a detailed description as to what happened and what should have happened (how the converter should have translated the file if it had worked correctly.) I know about many situations where LaTeX reports an error but I don't always know how to cope with it.

Please never send me only LaTeX or PDF. If you cannot send WordPerfect source from whatever reason, don't communicate with me. I simply cannot help you and conversion result without source document is void of use for me.

I like to ansver any question. But if you want to have extensive support, please consider some donation. If you are out of money, I could ask you some help with WP2LaTeX development or documenting or GUI testing.

You could also report bugs here. And please provide your contact information (email, web site), without which I cannot be of any assistance to you.

Other language support for WP2LaTeX

WP2Latex is able to use gettext library for translation messages. This means that it can communicate with you in your native language. You can translate messages and send them to me. I will include them into my package.

Languages, which are currently translated are only:

WP2LaTeX modules

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Because none of the earlier developers is still interested in this program, contact me:    fojtik@penguin.cz or jaroslav.fojtik@evolvsys.cz
Yours Sincerely, Jaroslav Fojtik 

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